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“Dr. Smart is the only “doctor appointment” they look forward to.” – Julie D. (Parent)

“Knowing that orthodontic care can be costly, the staff at SmartSmiles Orthodontics listened to our financial concerns and helped us find a payment plan that worked for us.” – Derek & Allison F. (Parents)

"When I arrived to Dr. Smart I was in bad shape. Me teeth had a gap in the front and spaces. Within 14 months, these issues were corrected and I now have the beautiful smile I’ve always wanted. The staff was awesome, friendly, and courteous. Dr. Smart is amazing and is a master at his craft. Thank you all so very much." - Monique D. (Patient)

"What a great experience we’ve had with Dr. Smart! Always professional, always kind and understanding. I highly recommend his services to anyone! We will be sending friends your way!" - Jackie M. (Parent)

"The biggest difference I noticed with Dr. Smart was that he worked with me and for me. I have had dentists tell me that to fix my bite, I would need to have surgery, as if that was the only option. My bite was in no way hindering me it was just a normal overbite, so that made no sense to me. When I came to Dr. Smart’s office, he laid out all options, and for me, just using rubber bands was enough. He completely agreed, and when my bite was where I was happy and he was happy with it, he left the choice to me on what to do next. So in short, he doesn’t push anything on you, it is left up to you to have the treatment you want." - Luke W. (Patient)

"Mary Kathryn and Sarah love Dr. Smart and his staff. The girls actually look forward to their appointments. The both feel he is interested in them as a person not just a patient. As a parent, one of the best compliments I can give Dr. Smart is to say I trust him 100%!" - Audrey G. (Parent)

“Because of our experiences with Dr. Smart in the past with our two girls, when it became evident that Zachary needed braces, Dr. Smart was our first choice in orthodontists. Because of the economy, we did get an estimate from the School of Orthodontics in Birmingham, but are thrilled that Dr. Smart was willing to work within a price range that we could afford. We really did want Dr. Smart to be the orthodontist for all of our children.” – Cheryl T. (Parent)

"We have always had the most pleasant of experiences with Dr. Smart and his staff. We always came to our appointments without hesitation and always left feeling blessed. He cared for my child’s teeth and cared for her as a person. Dr. Smart always took a great amount of time to make sure everyone was satisfied. He has awesome skill and technique! Both of my girls have great smiles because of his tireless efforts. Two down and one to go!! We have and will always recommend Dr. Smart to all of our family and friends." - Leigh Ann A. (Parent)

"From the first day I walked into Dr. Smart’s office, I have been treated so nicely by every employee. My well-being always came first to Dr. Smart, and he always talked everything over with me before proceeding with treatment. Thank you Dr. Smart and staff for giving me a new, beautiful smile." - Jasmine A. (Patient)

“VERY welcoming, Made sure everything was going good with braces, & fun to talk to.” – Elizabeth F. (Patient)

“The staff and Dr. Smart were always very kind and considerate of my needs.” – Rachel H. (Patient)

“I also appreciate the simplicity of each visit. The waiting area is pleasant and comfortable which sets a good tone for her visits. We are happy we chose SmartSmiles Orthodontics. Visits are simple, and my child leaves with a complete understanding of her role in “getting things moving” like they should and in keeping her teeth clean and healthy. I leave pleased with the choice I made in orthodontic care for my child and my family.” – Mary M. (Parent)

“Dr. Smart and his staff are very friendly and make patient and their families feel like “family”. Everyone in the office is very kind and we love the Christian atmosphere.” – Julie D. (Parent)

”We have been very pleased with the results of our daughter's orthodontic care. Within just a few weeks of wearing braces we could see a difference and have full confidence in Dr. Smart's expertise. We look forward to seeing the finished results!” – Allison F. (Parent)

“We are extremely pleased with the progress we are seeing in Zachary’s teeth. We actually could tell a big difference within the first week of getting his braces on! If I ever get braces again, there will be no doubt as to who will be working on MY teeth!” – Cheryl T. (Parent)

“Pleased with how well everything is going and also pleased with how quickly my teeth have straightened out and moved into place.” - Elizabeth F. (Patient)

“They are always friendly and courteous.” – Rachel H. (Patient)

“My child is comfortable and well taken care of during her appointments. Everything is explained well to her, and she knows and understands what she needs to do between appointments.” – Mary M. (Parent)

“She has had her braces off for almost a year. When my son, Christian, needed braces, we immediately came back to Dr. Smart. If my youngest needs braces, we will also use Dr. Smart.” – Julie D. (Parent)

“Our experience with Dr. Smart, and his staff, has always been pleasant, welcoming and professional. Our daughter looks forward to visiting the office at SmartSmiles Orthodontics and is always treated with care, concern and enthusiasm.” – Allison F. (Parent)

“Zachary’s adjustment appointments have gone very well. With the exception of being fussed at for not brushing properly (which SHOULD be done, because he ISN’T brushing properly), he is thoroughly enjoying his experience with SmartSmiles, and he loves the staff there. He actually looks forward to his appointments.” – Cheryl T. (Parent)

“I encourage all my friends to visit Dr. Smart's office when considering braces. Not only is the orthodontic care excellent, the office environment is pleasant and family-friendly.” – Derek & Allison F. (Parents)

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