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Micah Giles Tribute

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"Dr. Smart is the only ‘doctor appointment’ they look forward to."

- Julie D. (Parent)

“We love Dr. Smart! My family’s experience with him was excellent. He is a thoughtful, thorough, caring provider, always with a smile on his face."

- Cheryl K. (Parent)

“Knowing that orthodontic care can be costly, the staff at SmartSmiles Orthodontics listened to our financial concerns and helped us find a payment plan that worked for us.”

- Derek and Allison (Parents)

"As a parent, one of the best compliments I can give Dr. Smart is to say I trust him 100%!"

- Audrey G. (Parent)

“Dr. Smart is amazing and is a master at his craft. Thank you all so very much.”

- Monique D. (Patient)

“VERY welcoming - made sure everything was going good with braces, and fun to talk to.”

- Elizabeth F. (Patient)

"If I ever get braces again, there will be no doubt as to who will be working on MY teeth!”

- Cheryl T. (Parent)

“The staff and Dr. Smart were always very kind and considerate of my needs.”

- Rachel H. (Patient)

"I leave pleased with the choice I made in orthodontic care for my child and my family."

- Mary M. (Parent)

“I have the greatest job in the world!”

- Dr. Smart

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Micah Giles Tribute

Micah Giles

Updated Introduction

Micah Giles was a remarkable young man that we had the pleasure and privilege of knowing as a patient and friend.  Micah touched many, many lives throughout his life.  He died in a car accident in 1999.

 It may seem odd for a tribute such as this to be included on an orthodontic website.  Sadly, we have had many young patients who have died unexpectedly over the years we have been in practice.  We included this tribute soon after Micah died and have decided to continue to include it as we have updated this site.  Any parent can only imagine what it would be like to lose a child.  If a simple web page such as this can, in some small way, let others know what a remarkable person this young man was, it is well worth the effort.

We would gladly consider including similar information about other young people who have passed away unexpectedly.  Please just contact our office at 334-271-2345.

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