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SmartCard Referral Program


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"Dr. Smart is the only ‘doctor appointment’ they look forward to."

- Julie D. (Parent)

“We love Dr. Smart! My family’s experience with him was excellent. He is a thoughtful, thorough, caring provider, always with a smile on his face."

- Cheryl K. (Parent)

“Knowing that orthodontic care can be costly, the staff at SmartSmiles Orthodontics listened to our financial concerns and helped us find a payment plan that worked for us.”

- Derek and Allison (Parents)

"As a parent, one of the best compliments I can give Dr. Smart is to say I trust him 100%!"

- Audrey G. (Parent)

“Dr. Smart is amazing and is a master at his craft. Thank you all so very much.”

- Monique D. (Patient)

“VERY welcoming - made sure everything was going good with braces, and fun to talk to.”

- Elizabeth F. (Patient)

"If I ever get braces again, there will be no doubt as to who will be working on MY teeth!”

- Cheryl T. (Parent)

“The staff and Dr. Smart were always very kind and considerate of my needs.”

- Rachel H. (Patient)

"I leave pleased with the choice I made in orthodontic care for my child and my family."

- Mary M. (Parent)

“I have the greatest job in the world!”

- Dr. Smart

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The SmartCards Referral Program is a way to say "thank you" to our current or former patients as well as give them an opportunity to let others know of the availability of our services.

Who is eligible to participate?

Eligible Referrers are any current or former patients who may have first hand knowledge of our services or our practice.

Benefits to Patient Beginning Orthodontic Treatment

When a patient who is about to begin comprehensive orthodontic treatment* (see "Limitations" below) presents a SmartCard Referral Card that has been given to them by an eligible referrer and has been signed by a valid, current staff member of SmartSmiles Orthodontics, that patient will receive a discount of $50 off of the normal, total cost of that treatment.  The original total cost of the treatment will be exactly what it would be if no discount were to be given.  This total cost will not be inflated or increased at all.

The $50 discount will be applied to the total fee and the resulting discounted fee will be used to compute the "Payment Options" just as would normally be done with an undiscounted fee.

Benefit to Referrer (person giving SmartCard to patient needing treatment)

The Referrer (person whose name is shown as the giver of the card when presented) will receive a gift card valued at approximately $25 good for use at a local restaurant or mall.  The gift card will be mailed or given to the referrer as soon as feasible after the patient being referred has had braces placed or Invisalign or other clear aligners delivered to begin comprehensive orthodontic treatment*.  (See "Limitations" below)


For purposes of this program, "Comprehensive Orthodontic Treatment" refers to treatment that actively moves teeth and has on undiscounted total treatment cost in excess of $1000.  Retainers, removal of appliances or other services that would not normally be considered comprehensive orthodontic treatment are excluded from the program

The card will be valid for a period of one year after it is given to a referrer by SmartSmiles Orthodontics or until the expiration date shown on the card (whichever is first).

The program may be altered or discontinued without prior notice at the sole discretion of Dr. Foch Smart.  We will make every attempt to inform our patients if this occurs - including posting that information here on this website.


If you have any questions or need any further information about the SmartCards Referral Program please Contact Us  at your convenience.

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