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Why Choose Us?


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"Dr. Smart is the only ‘doctor appointment’ they look forward to."

- Julie D. (Parent)

“We love Dr. Smart! My family’s experience with him was excellent. He is a thoughtful, thorough, caring provider, always with a smile on his face."

- Cheryl K. (Parent)

“Knowing that orthodontic care can be costly, the staff at SmartSmiles Orthodontics listened to our financial concerns and helped us find a payment plan that worked for us.”

- Derek and Allison (Parents)

"As a parent, one of the best compliments I can give Dr. Smart is to say I trust him 100%!"

- Audrey G. (Parent)

“Dr. Smart is amazing and is a master at his craft. Thank you all so very much.”

- Monique D. (Patient)

“VERY welcoming - made sure everything was going good with braces, and fun to talk to.”

- Elizabeth F. (Patient)

"If I ever get braces again, there will be no doubt as to who will be working on MY teeth!”

- Cheryl T. (Parent)

“The staff and Dr. Smart were always very kind and considerate of my needs.”

- Rachel H. (Patient)

"I leave pleased with the choice I made in orthodontic care for my child and my family."

- Mary M. (Parent)

“I have the greatest job in the world!”

- Dr. Smart

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Engineered Smiles by Dr. Foch Smart             334.271.2345

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Why Choose Us?

Many Good Choices

Montgomery is fortunate to have many excellent orthodontic practices to choose from. Dr. Smart has known his fellow orthodontists in Montgomery for many years and considers them to be colleagues instead of competitors. He adamantly states that Montgomery orthodontists practice excellent, patient-centered orthodontics incorporating the highest ethical standards.

So - Why Choose Us?

Even though each practice is excellent, they are not identical. There are differences in procedures focused on, atmosphere, size, etc. SmartSmiles Orthodontics is a relatively smaller practice than some others. Some patients and parents feel more comfortable in a larger practice. However, others may appreciate the benefits of more personalized, individual care that is possible in a smaller practice. We believe that this ability to connect with and get to know our patients is one of our greatest strengths. Simply stated, we LOVE our patients! We really do! They are the reason that we work in the greatest field there is! (a somewhat biased opinion :) )

We Are Committed to Excellence!

In addition to personal, individualized care, we are committed to excellence. We continually strive to achieve and maintain the highest standards of orthodontic excellence. This applies to every aspect of our practice – from customer service to orthodontic techniques. Providing healthcare to humans is exceptionally rewarding, but also comes with enormous responsibility. We take this responsibility extremely seriously. Dr. Smart often says, “There is a person attached to those teeth!”

Let's be honest

Orthodontics is a very worthwhile investment of resources that can bring dramatic, life-long benefits. However, there are some inherent realities that must be communicated in order for patients and parents to make a truly informed decision about treatment. Orthodontics truly is a "team effort". Patient cooperation with oral hygiene, commitment to wearing elastics or aligners, etc. is one of the biggest factors in determining treatment outcomes. We are committed to doing everything we can to provide patients and parents with clear, factual information about each member's role in orthodontic treatment. It's not easy, but it is definitely worth the effort!

We Offer:

  • Low, affordable fees with flexible financing options.

  • Each case is diagnosed and treatment planned before treatment is begun.

  • Patients and parents have ample opportunity to ask any questions about any aspect of treatment. There is no time limit for questions!

  • We value your time! Time waiting to be seen is generally minimal.

  • We strongly believe that patients / parents should be involved in their healthcare decisions. Part of what we are paid to do is tell you what we think and we are very willing to do this. However, we realize that we work for you, and this does not annoy us, intimidate us or hurt our pride.
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